Quality Policy

ISO9001 Quality Plan

Contribute the satisfaction to our customer with high quality product and service.

SKK have keep aiming at the improvement of better service for our customer to contribute the high quality product under the Consistent quality control.

Enviromental Policy

We have a purpose to be a company to make much of global enviroment.

We promise to abide by our regulations about the enviromental laws, rules and the other requests
We make an effort to protect global environment by means of daily improvemnet and prevention of pollution through the review of purpose positively.

We always consider the nagative influence to global environment by using of chemical materials.

We understand the physical and chemical property of many kinds of chemical materials like resin, colorants and additive agents as raw materials and we always realize the negative influence to global environment and these area.
We promise to reduce the negative influence to global environment by adequate handling and replacement to more safety materials.

We are making an effort to save energy and resources.

We promise to use a limited global resources sffectively without any waste under individual recognition.