Customized Coloring

We make efforts to transmit the know-how of the colorant which has been passed through the various regulations, utilization of CCM, and raising up a mixing-colors engineer, and accomplish a high qualified customized coloring from general-purpose resin to high performed resin.


Colorant is sorted into three classes crudely (inorganic colorant, organic colorant, colors) We create the hue combination of the target to meet the special quality of each resin.

Hue control

Stable hue control by our staff with much experience and Lab coordinates Color Matching formulation controled by numbering of colorants. We create the most suitable combination after sorting of colorants passing in the various regulations to reply the requests from our clients.
choice of required colorants
blending of resin and colorants
produce of plate
confirmation by means of colorimeter
completion of color-matching plate


We crudely have three kinds of methods for actual coloring production.
Dry coloring blend
Method to apply colorants to natural resin directly It has advantage of delibery period and cost.
Master batch blend
MB means resin perret kneaded high condensed colorants.
This is to mix with natural resin.
Cost advantage is created by high magnification.
Colored perret
Colored perret is a name of product to knead colorants and natural resin together.
From the view of quality, it makes quality become most stable compared with Dry coloring and Masterbatch blend.